Has anyone successfully integrated SM9 with ServiceNow?

We are trying to integrate SM9 with an external ServiceNow instance.  We are able to manually pass the xml and cert when using SOAP UI on our SM test server, but the Case Exchange Integration Instance is not doing anything.

We've setup the basics in the Integration Manager, and the info for the body of the ticket is showing in the debug log, but nothing is happening.  No information is getting sent out of SM to SNOW. We are using the same endpoint and wsdl in the Integration Manager that is used when manually running SOAP UI.

There are many settings in the Integration Instance Manager, and we need to also pass the http header info, but the documentation on this is sparse.  We are trying to do a simple 'open incident' request to start with.

Any help is appreciated. 

Thank you.

  • Integration between Service Manager and Servicenow is possible. The way to do it is by using Web Services from the SM side. More information on that matter can be found in the

    "Web Services Guide".

    In order to get the "Web Services Guide" for the desired version, please refer to the "Service Manager 9.3x and 9.4x Document Matrix" (KM01294561 / https://softwaresupport.hp.com/group/softwaresupport/search-result/-/facetsearch/document/KM01294561).

    If you to take a look at the Web Services Guide. On page 14 you can read the following:

    "Web Services and Service Manager

    A Web Service enables one application to access the functionality of another application using SOAP operations (XML-based transactions) or RESTful operations, regardless of differences in their operating system platform, application language, or tool set. HP Service Manager supports two types of Web Services features:

    • Connecting to and consuming external Web Services
    • Publishing Service Manager fields and methods as Web Services"

    That being said it's clear that the HP Service Manager Web Services can be used for both consuming and publishing. Which one you choose depends entirely on you and your needs.

    What if Servicenow uses SSL encryption?

    If The Servicenow (Snow/Service Now) uses SSL encryption for the Web Services, the same should be configured on the SM end. Steps and information for both scenarios can be found in the Web Services Guide:

    • For Connecting to and consuming external Web Services – go to page 151 : "Use SSL to consume Service Manager Web Services"
    • For Publishing Service Manager fields and methods as Web Services – go to page 33 : "Enable SSL encryption for published Web Services"


    Thank you!


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