How to list selection of records in a new Wizard

I'm trying to create a Wizard that will

1.  Present a list of assignment group members

2.  Allow a selection of any of the group members

3.  Create an array of the selected group members

So far I have created a Wizard with File Selection => Select records of type operator, using query: assignment.groups="SECURITY_IDENTITY_ACCESS"

When I run the Wizard it presents a list of the operators in the assign group with checkboxes next to each name.  What I need help with is converting the selected operators in the screen to list.  At a high level, what would the next step(s) be?


  • I did a search by choosing Tailoring > Wizards and then from "usage" tab ticked "Select multiple records from the list" and made a search. In my system I got only couple of matches.

    One of those had a JavaScript code in Actions > JavaScript as following;

    //print("vars.$L_selection == "   vars.$L_selection);

    vars.$L_selection is the variable SM seems to use to hold the info you need. I assume it's already a JavaScript array, but of course you can print it out to check what it contains (after the selection is made).

    Hope this helps.