Duplicate key error when unloading svcCatalog and svcDisplay

I received duplicate key errors for an unload script being imported through the database manager for filenames svcCatalog and svcDisplay.  The unload is for updates to an existing Service Request Catalog item.  I don't receive the errors going from DEV to TEST, only TEST to Production.  I have also been told that the problem was caused by the COUNTERS table being out of sync.

So, questions:

1.  Should the counter ids for those filenames be the same in the source and destination environments?

2.  Is there anything else besides the ID numbers in the COUNTERS table that would cause this problem?

  • Hello Mark

    i would recommend to change the name (key) in the dbdict record of both svcDisplay and svcCatalog, enter those record in administration mode and change it. then try to add the unl

    please let me know the results.


  • i had encountered the same while move catalog category/items from procudtion to test system, i did below to solve the issue

    catalogDifSync - look for joinsvcDisplay entries, take backup an ddelete those

    activitysvccatalog - take backup an ddelete all entried

    svccatalog- take backup an ddelete all entried

    joinsvcDisplay- take backup an ddelete all entried

    number - table look for activitysvccatalog & svcCatalogDiffSync, set the number accordingly.

    Now loaded the unl file and it worked. Hope this help

  • Sanjay, thanks for your response.  Since we're trying to go from TEST to Production, I'm leery of deleting table entries (but we may try it anyway).

    If I were to update the Service Catalog Item directly in Production, then do a database refresh to our DEV and TEST environments, would we be back in sync?

    thanks again.