Calling Process from Rule Set to run a batch file not working

I'm attempting to call a Process from a Rule Set to run a batch file, but haven't had any success.  I don't see any error messages - just no results from the batch file. 

I've confirmed that the Rule Set is being executed with a separate print statement, and that the batch file executes when run by double-clicking the file name.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this will be greatly appreciated.

The Rule Setrule_set.JPGThe Process RAD:


Initial Javascript and Final Javascript expressions do NOT write to SM.log

Initial: print("xcelLaunchADSharedFoldersUNIX initial javascript: " vars.$value1);

Final: print("xcelLaunchADSharedFoldersUNIX: " $L.values);

The Batch File:

Location: Y:\SPF\MicroFocus\SM\Server\RUN\TEST.bat

Batch file contents: echo �TE%_%TIME% %1>> adsharedfoldersUNIX.log