converting an array to a string...

Is there an easy way to convert an array to a string? I am wanting to convert and array like {"This", "is", "an", "array"} to "This is an array". This would be similar to the str() or val() or recordtostring() functions but would work on an array.

I am sure it can be done with a a loop and a few strrep() statements but if there is a simplier way...
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  • Hi sir, I have written one JS code as below and it is calculating the no.of characters. Now I am not knowing how to use this script for writing a validation for solution field by restricting the length as "Please provide minimum 25 characters". Please help on this sir. var resolution=vars.$L_file.resolution var resolutionString= ""; for(i in resolution) { if (resolution[i] == null || resolution[i] == "") { } else { resolutionString = resolutionString " " resolution[i]; } } var resolutionLength = resolutionString.length
  • You need use FormatControl for your table (incidents or probsummary)

    In Validations tab:

    for ADD (if sombody will write resolution when adding ticket or leave it empty if you need check it only when status chenged to resolved)

    and for UPDATE set true or needed condition,

    for example: not same(status in $file, status in $file0) and status in $file="Resolved" 


    jscall("YourLibName.CalcStringLength", resolution in $file) >25

    And function in SL something like:


    function CalcStringLength(val)
    var type=system.functions.type(val)
    if (type==8)
    return val.length