Tabbing on forms

Setting Service Manager tabbing is important for many of our power users but I am running into issues in 9.4 PD. 

Specifically, I am wanting to move through the form allowing the user to fill out field and them move through the acton button at the top of the form. Service Manger does not do that. 

After stopping at each defined tab stop the curson will move through the Groups, the Navigator Bar, the Browser area (url line, favorites, home, etc.), Service Manager title buttons (messages, command, etc.) and finally to the Action Buttons (back, save, close, etc.).

On most buttons, I have an option to copy them to a button on the form. A reasonable option. Mousers can ignore the button and keyboarders can have them right where they want them, in a proper tab order. The close button (any transition button I suspect) is different. I can define it on the tray or as a button. If defined as a button, it disappears from the tray. 

Any ideas on how to solve this issue will be appreciated.