(SM) Support Tip: Data cleansing drop down list displayed incompletely in SM9.41 web

Hello Team,


When set the system to display the Dashboard as Service Manager home page in "My Preferences" in SM9.41 web, then navigate to System Administration > Ongoing Maintenance > Smart Analytics >Data cleansing,  "Global" is the only option displayed in the drop-down list. 

This issue is fixed in SM9.50 and there’s a workaround in SM9.4X .


Using Process to initialize the variable when open from menu.

1. Create a Process with name "idol.datafilter"

2. Add two RADs in the Process

 1) RAD: scm.get.files,  Condition: true

   Param Name |  Param Value  

   names          |   $G.scm.files

   sort              |   $G.scm.files.display

   prompt          |   "display"

 2) RAD: se.search.engine, Condition: true

   Param Name  |   Param Value

     name           |   "idol.datafilter"

3. Open Menu "IDOL admin", go to line "Data Cleansing"

   Change the Application "se.search.engine" to  "se.call.process"

Then the full list in Module Name list will be shown in the setting of "My Preference" settings in web client.


Best Regards