Reset SLA Breach Flag

We have SM 9.50 which is newly installed and upgraded to 9.51.

We have configured Response and Resolution SLA for customer.

Setting custom flag when Response SLA is getting breached. 

first Issue : at this stage SLA breach flag (in-built flag) is also getting set automatically. I have no clue from where its getting set as i have used custom alert for Response SLA Breach under 'Update Info' im setting custom flag for response SLA breach. 

Second Issue : When Resolution SLA gets start on ticket, this sla breach flag status gets continued eventhough resolution SLA gets achieved in time. 

I Want In built SLA breach flag gets sets only when Resolution SLA gets breached.

If anyone occurred such issue and resolved then pls share your valuable solution/inputs on this.




  • 9.3x versions of HPSM had the flag breach setted whenever any of the slos were breached.

    From what you said I guess this behaviour stills. What I suggest to you is create a new field (ie. CUST.breachResolutionTime) and set this field as true acordingly to your logic.


    The first idea that came to my mind is add your logic to set this field in the trigger (after update) of sloresponse.  The best would be do at the same time of the default but I think it's performed by some RAD, you can check and test to find the better place.