Cart Item Vs Non-Cart Item

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I was going through Service Catalog documents provided by HPE. Still no clear information what is functionality wise difference between Cart and Non-Cart Item besides below points mentioned. Can anybody gives me detailed info on difference between these two so that it will give us clear picture during service catalog implementation.

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**** Below is few points noted ****


1) Cart Item gives various panels and option to add more than 1 item before submitting final catalog item/SD ticket

2) Cart item gives an option to map request level / line item wise approval. Here we should use Approval Definition.


1) Non-Cart Item gives option to select only 1 item and gives only 3 panels before submitting final catalog item/SD ticket.

2) Non-Cart item does not gives an option to map item wise approval. Here guess we can use Approval Activities and Approval Roles (please correct if my understanding is wrong).


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    as I don't have hands on system as a developer for long time already, information might vary from the today's reality, but here is what was it when I was configuring Service Catalog myself:


    cart Item - you add Items from catalog (something like Laptop, Printer, Mobile etc) to the cart to request various items at one time and run it then through built (if you have it of course) process of Interaction->Change\Request. Each of the cart items could have a line items, pricing , description and so on (as i recall even a single item could have had its own process of provision\request fulfilment).

    Mainly - these are used to give a customer options like in a shop, to add what you want to get in a cart and then kick it out with request which will pass through tailored process (including possible approval if the price of the cart exceeds some money budget).

    Non- cart Item - you chose something single (like password reset) which immediately goes to interaction screen to get some more info from customer to finish the registration. You can not add these items to the cart as these are not intended for that purpose.

    Mainly - these are used to more close to service request catalog where customers can have a more user friendly list of what they can request. These items create interaction with a single purpose of fulfillment of exact request.


    From what i think, these two types have a different purpose from provision of service point of view . You can use non-cart items for task for which they were intended to, but on my practice we were using only cart-items to be honest.


    Hope that helped a bit  :)