how location/user mapped forCI,map different group on auto incidents,display only user related CI's,

Hi Experts,

I am working on Service Manager 9.51 codeless.

We have integrated SM with uCMDB to get CI's inventory data (done), with OpsBridge to auto generate Incident (done), with AM to pull CI's Location & owner in SM (no clue how we will achieve this).

1) I want to display on ESS portal only CI's whose logged in user is the owner under dropdown whenever they tried to raise interaction ticket.

2) How to dynamically map domain expert assignment groups such as Network Team, Security Team, Server Team etc. to auto-generated incident tickets based on events received from OpsBridge

So somehow we need to restrict such operators from updating the tickets that are not assigned to them/there groups.

Please help to guide how can we achive the above mentioned 3 requirements.

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