Approver Group Members populate on RF Ticket


need your urgent help.

Approvals are getting mapped on Request Fulfillment ticket. Now approvals are created under approval definition, Level 1 Group and Level 2 group (now these level1 n level 2 groups created under assignment table) added under each approval definition.

Now when RF ticket is pending for Level 1 or Level 2 group approval i want to show approver memebers on RF ticket under approval tab.

Now i got an idea this can be achievable using Virtual Join. But no clue what steps needs to follow to achive this using VJ,

Need your exert advice on this.

  • Guys, please help here...awaiting for expert reply.

  • For Virtual Join documentation you can check the manual of 9.6:

    For VJ doesn't matter your version.. VJ, links didn't change subistantially along the time (maybe only some control variables)..

    I;ve never implemented it using VJ, it might be possible (tomorow I'll give it a deeper look) . The issue here is that you can have more than than one current.pending.groups and future.pending.groups and I'm not sure that the VJ will work well in this scenario. 

    Depending on your version and requirements we have alternatives like:

    if the approval groups must appear in the same screen (i.e: can't use link), the traditional way that will work regardless your version is create some $approversNames variable and retrieve the members of the approval group by JS or native language.. the hardest here is design a good UI - mainlyif you have several parallel approvals.

    If it doesn't need to appear in the same screen, just add a link for the current.pending.groups / future.pending.groups to the approval groups table (might be different depends on your version) and finito - you may want to create a specific FD for this, don't forget to restrict Add/Upd/Delete..

  • Hi BrenoAbreu,

    Thanks for your valuable inputs.

    Btw i tried below workaround:

    1) Created one array field under request table.

    2) Created Run Javascript ruleset where calling script (having below code) to fetch approvers list from assignment table and getting stored under custom array field.

    function abc(rfno)
    var fRF = new SCFile("request");
    var ass = new SCFile("assignment");

    var q1 = fRF.doSelect("number=\"" rfno "\"");

    if (q1 == RC_SUCCESS)
    var q2 = ass.doSelect("name=\"" fRF.current_pending_groups[0] "\"");

    if (q2 == RC_SUCCESS)
    var app = new Array();
    app = system.functions.denull(ass.approvers);
    //return app;

    //print("fRF.current_pending_groups: " app);

    fRF.gm_approver = app;

    //print("fRF.gm_approver: " fRF.gm_approver);



    3) Now with code, i can get the list of approvers list however challenge here is ruleset only gets excuted when clicking on "Save" button (working on "On update" under workflow)

    We have at a time only one "Current Pending Groups". I want as soon as "Current.Pending.Groups" field gets filled its related approvers members gets filled or populate under custom array field on approval form automatically.

    Please suggest.