SLA is not getting attached for Interaction

We have SM 9.51 with MSSQL DB.
We want to apply below SLA for interaction ticket:
1) Response (30 minutes) SLA when ticket is getting Opened till ticket is in "Acknowledged" status.
2) Resolution (4 hours) SLA when ticket is getting "Resolved" from "Acknowledged" status.

Have created Service Level Agreements under which 2 Process Targets (SLT) attached.
And Service Level Agreements attached to Company. Attached screenshots of configuration of the same.

All users are having this company mapped.

Now post configuration of SLA, when new interaction ticket is getting raised from ESS or non-ESS users, SLA are not getting attached/no SLT availlable under interaction tickets.

Unable to understand where is the gap. 

Pls help to give suggestions if anyboody faced similar issue.