SM9.41 calendar does not display in web client (not using RC calendar)

From the SM9.41 (webclient - windows client works normally) System Navigator, clicking the "Calendar" link under the Miscellaneous tab results in a blank screen (w/ "WARN - CalendarService - Invalid accessing with user ID : xxxxxxx" displayed in message log when viewed). We have followed the documented steps to configure Calendar Mapping and created relevant Time Periods, but have not resolved these calendar visibility issues (making the testing/validation of time periods difficult).  Our config for Release Control's calendar is "disabled" to avoid conflicting with SM9.41's embedded Calendar functionality.

Any guidance to help us resolve these puzzling issues is appreciated!

Here is Our System Versioning Information:
Application: Server: 9.41.0020
Client: Version: 9.41.0020 Build Timestamp: 20150831060348
O/S: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5, 64 bit
Database: Oracle RAC 12c (SM9.41 DB instance
Web Client: 9.41.0020
Web Server: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5, 64 bit
Apache HTTP Server 2.2 , Tomcat 7.0 with HP Service Manager Web Tier
LDAP Enabled: Yes

 Thank you.

  • Hi,

    Please try to check the operator record, to see if it have the right to access the calendar.


    Thank you and Best regards,

  • Have you enabled the native calendar in the System Information Record on the General tab?

    Have you completely removed the SMtoRC integration item from the integration services list? If it is there at all, the system will look for RC and not the native calendar. It is not sufficient to disable it, you must delete the entry.


  • Yes, we've confirmed that operator records have adequate privileges to view the calendar. We know this because the same operator "can" successfully view the calendar when the SM9.41 Windows Client is used as opposed to the Web Client.

  • Yes, the native calendar has been properly enabled in the System Information Record on the General tab. We also have verified that the RC integration was never installed/configured and we have no record of it listed in SM's current integration list.

  • Hi kraynor,

    I just checked my oob system and now I am wondering, because in my system I am not able to view the change calendar with the windows client. There is just a message pop-up telling my the function is only available in web client.

    could you please add a screenshot from your windows client including the system navigator entry you are clicking on and the calendar which is then opening?

  • Here's a screenshot from our environment showing the same behavior as you see in your windows client:


    To try and clarify our issue a bit more, because I mispoke stating that the Calendar works in our Windows client, I meant that we got it to display properly when Tomcat was hosted on a Windows server.  However, when SM Web client running on Tomcat is hosted on a Linux machine (reference Tomcat and Linux details provided in orig post), we are unable to display the Calendar through the SM Web client.  The windows client doesn't really come in to play here.  System Navigator -> Miscellaneous -> "Calendar". 

    Hopefully this helps.

  • Verified Answer

    We resolved this issue by changing the SL “CalendarUtilities” following the steps below:

    1 - Log in to the Client as falcon
    2 - Tailoring > ScriptLibrary
    3 - Name: CalendarUtilities
    4 - Search
    5 - Make a Backup of the Script (UNL or a copy of the code)
    6 - Change the following line in the script:
          var rc = menu.doSelect("name=\"" vars.$lo_home "\"", SCFILE_READONLY);
          var rc = menu.doSelect("name=\"" vars.$lo_home "\"");
    7 - Save the changes and test