SM 9.50: Programmatically enabling debug parameters

Certainly you know about the dynamic debugging capabilities of Service Manager: To send a message to any session via status monitor and enable rtm:3 or debughttp trace.

This is very usefull, as you don't need to start a new servlet and connect to it before reproduction - simply trace the user session or background scheduler affected.

The limitation is that this is requiring the session to be trace being ready to receive a message, and there is no option to enable tracing conditionally. That makes it difficult to use for integrations.


Service Manager 9.50 now implements an option to activate trace parameters by implementation for the current session:

- It will take effect immediately, and

- You can implement it after an if-condition and enable this trace only when really required.


var debugmsg="sqldebug:1 log:../logs/mysm.log";
var rc=system.functions.rtecall("setdebug",vars.$L_rc, debugmsg );


For more information, refer to the SM 9.50 Helpserver topic:

Administer > Status and Notifications > Dynamic debugging of user sessions or schedulers > Set debugging parameters using dynamic debugging