SM 9.50: New guide "Service Manager Maintenance Tasks"

When browsing the new Service Manager 9.50 Help Server (i.e. on the HPE Software Documentation Portal), you will find a new guide:

Administer > Service Manager maintenance tasks

It contains knowledge and tasks that the System Administrator performs to maintain an stable, secure, and efficient system organized in these areas.


Reactive areas


Area Description

Availability monitoring

Monitors the availability of the Service Manager system or a service that it provides

Performance monitoring

Monitors acceptable performance of the Service Manager system or a service that it provides

Functional monitoring

Monitors the correct execution of functionalities

Queue monitoring

Monitors queue tables: Queues may get into a stuck state, or be processed slowly. Also, queue items may fail to be processed.


These are tasks for starting a Service Manager instance, shutting it down, or running it in quiescence mode for maintenance.

    Proactive areas


Area Description


Setup and base configuration of the Service Manager instance, including setup regarding performance and security

Fallback strategy

Fallback strategies to address situations of partial or total loss of service


Documentation of system configuration, changes, and fallback strategies

Change control

Applying patches, hotfixes, and new tailoring

Capacity planning

Anticipation of changes in load or functionality enhancements


Cleanup activities that guarantee an efficient and easy-to-maintain system

Online support


  • Using the HPE Software Support website
  • Staying up to date with HPE security alerts and news
  • Sharing knowledge with and learning from user communities