Add a new server to an application model via HPSM change module


I want to find a good way to add or remove a server-CI to/from an application model via Change in HPSM. I've looked at the workflow for normal change with an CMDB update, where you get three options

* select from Baseline

* Set Attribute name and values

* Set relationship

So I want to set a relationship to a new server, but I can't find my new server since it is not in the affected CI list for this service yet. I don't see a good way to remove a server from a model either.

What is the best practice to update the CMDB with a model containing only a service and servers? (we are starting out very easy with a model containing Application Service and Servers/Nodes)

We discover every servers with UCMDB and builds models in UCMDB Browser and then push this to the HP SM.

So my quetsion is how do I "tell" the person who should update the model that he should add a new server to the model and remove an existing one? And also mark get the history CI'change on the right servers?