Deploy workflow change at workflow level


I have make change of a workflow at workflow level.

For deployment of the workflow change to another SM environments, can I just deploy the workflow level change by the unload script (or other way not manually) rather than deploying the entire workflow please?



  • Hi Ada,

    If you want to export one workflow from one system to another one, you can use the "Export Workflow" functionality.

    Go to Tailoring>Process Designer>Export Workflow.

    Fill the information in the wizard and click ok.

    This process will export an unload that you can upload to the destination system.

    I hope this helps.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Kmilo,

    Thanks for information.

    In my scenario, I don't want to deploy the entire workflow,

    I would like to check whether there is a way just deploy the workflow properties level of the workflow that I have changed but not together with the workflow phases and transactions (those I have not changed).