RAD: apm.change.state.wrapper - how does it work and which operations is it fulfilled?

Hi everybody,

SM 9.30. In the <schedule> table there were about 20K of records with class="problem", name of schedule#"Status Change record for problem IM", application="apm.change.state.wrapper". In one of such schedule on <Strings> tab we see the following lines:



Work in progress

So, these schedule records have not been processed by <problem> system process. After killing <problem> process and starting again, all old records are processed during some time.

What the purpose of such schedules like "Status Change record for problem IM" which are processed by "apm.change.state.wrapper" RAD?

How this RAD: apm.change.state.wrapper work and what is it doing?

Because before restarting <problem> process we open for e.g. Incident IM100482730, its status have been changed manually several times and we don't understand why the schedule is needed?

And in the history we see that status changed successfully from Open to Work in progress, although schedule "Status Change record for problem IM100482730" hanged up and not processed by <problem> process at time we look into history.