Schedule "Update IM... Affected Services" with How to turn off?

Hi everybody,

I've found that there were more than 20K of records in <schedule> table with Name="Update IM... Affected Services" and

I use Google and found that there was KE and SCR:

But I couldn't find anything about SCR42003.

We have SM 7.0x I think upgraded to 9.3x, but this error still exists.


- how to turn off the creation of schedules with Name="Update IM... Affected Services"?



  • Verified Answer

    CR42003 is an internal ID. The official Defect is:
    QCCR1E31306 Changes/incidents are updated by the '' application even when there are no new changes to save

    This should be solved with SM9.2x already.

    Which exact SM Version do you have ? Please check:
    System Administration - Base System Configuration - Monitoring - Version Information
     Application Version:
     RTE Version:

    Perhaps you did not reconcile these Processes correctly during upgrade to SM9.x :

    Technical solution:
    1) Process ""
    calls RAD ""
    Condition should contain
    ... and not same( in $, in $L.file)

    2) Process ""
    initial expression should contain this:

    $L.orgCis={};if (not null( in $ then (1 in $L.orgCis in $;if (lng(denull(assets in $>0) then ($L.orgCis=$L.orgCis denull(assets in $

    RAD call "" should contain
    pre expression
    $L.saveCis={};if (not null( in $L.file)) then (1 in $ in $L.file);if (lng(denull(assets in $L.file))>0) then ($L.saveCis=$L.saveCis denull(assets in $L.file))

    and condition
    ... and  $L.saveCis ~=$L.orgCis