What is working in HPSM before login.DEFAULT?

Hi all,


when any user login to HP SM some test print is displayed like "test print". 

We've checked that this test message is displayed before running FC login.DEFAULT.

Couldn't find where this test message is called...


In Sanders book (p.268-269) there is information:


Logging in
When a user logs in, a series of applications are called. Here is a list of the
• Setup global operator variables
• Setup SM module variables
• Setup IM module variables
• Create global list variables
• Setup CM module variables
• Setup SLA module variables
• Setup PM module variables
• Setup RM module variables
• Execute format control login.DEFAULT
• Call menu.manager
Login writes to syslog and schedule files. If there is a problem with those files,
the login may not finish.


Could anybody advise what else to check (process, triggers, ds, etc..) in order to find where this test message could be placed? What is working before login.DEFAULT?