(SM) Support Tip: Identifying mismatched SQL Server/Client versions running with Service Manager

In general, it is suggested to use same version of SQL Server and SQL Client for HP Service Manager, however, some of customers would use old version of SQL Client because Windows system has it by default. Most SM functionality works well even lower version of SQL Client but it has a potential risk and it could make some issue if Service Manager would run SQL version-specific task like dbdict remapping.
Proactively, customer needs to check its version matching and eliminate potential risk if existing.

Contents of document

1. How to identify Service Manager binary(RTE) version from Service Manager’s log
2. How to identify Microsoft SQL Server and Client version from Service Manager’s log
3. How to clarify Microsoft SQL version exactly
4. Where to download Microsoft SQL Native Client for HP Service Manager
5. How to setup 32bit ODBC for Service Manager