[Online Expert Day] Smart Analytics (4): Predefined Filters for Smart Search Match Criteria

is there any further information available which functions/fields are available for the Match Criteria in the Predefined Filters records for Smart Search? It seems the field is connected to some hpe-implemented checking that is not allowing any advanced checks. For example checks for NULL and several further checks seem to fail.

Kind Regards
Alexander Lambertz

  • Hello,

    Here is some information about the Match Criteria field taken from the Help on field functionality:

    Smart Search Precondition help:
    query like expression to test if current record matches


    This expression will be evaluate at webtier side.

    Supported operators:
    "and", "or", "nort", "=", "~=", ">", ">=", "<", "<=", "#", "~#".

    Supported data types:
    "array", "number", "string", "boolean".

    Please can you provide me with an example of where the match criteria does not work?


  • Also this document may be of use to you whilst you are learning more about Smart Analytics: https://softwaresupport.hp.com/group/softwaresupport/search-result/-/facetsearch/document/KM02709167.