Posibility to deep link directly to an item in the service catalog

Does anyone know if it is possible to make e.g. a button on the regular ESS "Submit new Request" format which "deep links" directly to an item in the service catalog (i.e. display the item in the svcCat.disp.item format)?

Since the "regular" catalog application sd.catalog.request does not seem to enable passing an item directly, I have tried to make the button call the RAD svcCat.display.item (with the item filehandle as file parameter and an empty cart filehandle as second.file parm), which also shows the item that I want - but if I then click on the Submit button (the item is a noncart item), then nothing happens and the sd/rf is not created.

Is it in any way possible to achive this? Is there a javascript function I can call to create the cart/sd/rf after showing in svcCat.display.item RAD or is there another RAD which could be called?

Best regards,