Force Keys to order by primary key correctly.

Within Service Manager, There are a number of records that consume a number record for their key .

However if that key contains a prefix or a suffix the sort order within the view is not numerical.

e.g. List will display as:

- RF100289

- RF10029

- RF100290


Is there a way we can actually force a numerical sort without adding another field? 

- Could this be added to a further version? 

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  • I don't think Support will be able to assist much as developers will come back with, "This is by design" and has been this way since the beginning.

    Sort for alphanumeric value will always sort by alpha and not by number. 

    Since the new enhancement process is more transparent and driven by customer demand. Best avenue would be the Ideas Exchange.

    You could submit an Idea at to ask that the sort be enhanced to break the value to 2 parts: suffix and numbers and sort only by the numbers.

    I am sure a lot of the members here will vote for it. I have seen this complain in a few incarnations of helpdesk softwares. Maybe with enough support/push from the community, we can finally get the sorting "redesigned" to work better. You will have my vote.

  • If you ended here due to your users complaints, please help vote for redesign of the sort in Service Manager here,

  • Maybe you will post new topic and ask to vote for your idea ( )