set Title field as area , 9.6


am using 9.6 and i need to set the Title field same as the area, unfortunately i could not do that using FC , i am trying to create a rule set on the workflow validate gainst table but it's not working can anyone help please

  • Hello Lana

    Thanks for contacting us.

    Base on your wording, it seems that you want the title field to be bigger and so it can hold more characters in it. For that, you will have to go to the Form Designer definition of that form, type "fd" into the command line of Service Manager, and use the name of the form to bring it up. Then, with the controllers that it gives you, you can select the one that you want and put it in the form. For it to be validated as the title, in the properties window for that controller, you will have to use the name of the field in the database(you can check this on dbdict), in the "input" field.


    Hope this helps.