HP Service Manager automatically open Incident Task with corresponding category and workflow


I have 3 different Incident categories, each has his own workflow. Now i also have 3 different Incident Task categories with corresponding workflows. Question is: Creating new Incident Task, how to open from Incident automatically Task with correct category and workflow? I don't want user to choose task category every time he creates new task.
Using SM9.41.


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    Automatically I am not completily sure, the normal workflow is do it manually

    Create an incident task

    Applies to User Roles:

    Incident Coordinator

    After an incident is created, you can create the tasks for categorizing, investigating, resolving, and reviewing the incident.

    To create an incident task:

    1. Select an incident that is not closed.
    2. Click the Link New Task button in the Tasks tab of this incident.
    3. Select a category for the new task.

      Service Manager opens a task information form.

    4. Complete the form with all required information.
    5. Click Save or Save & Exit.

    Note: You can add parts and labor costs tracking to an incident, problem, change, or request or to any associated task of a record. To do this, navigate to the Cost tab, specify the currency, and then specify the date, part number, and quantity for any parts used.  Alternatively, specify the date, technician name (used to derive the rate from the operator record), and hours worked for any labor. Service Manager will automatically calculate and roll up costs from any sub tasks into the Total cost field on theCosts tab.


    Create an incident task category

    Applies to User Roles:

    System Administrator

    If you are an HP Service Manager Administrator, you may want to create an incident task category. To do this, you can modify an existing category record, or you can create a new category record. HP Service Manager provides out-of-box category records that you can use or modify.

    To create a new incident task category record:

    1. Click Incident Management.
    2. Double-click Configuration > Incident Task Categories.
    3. Click New.
    4. Type the name of the incident task category.
    5. Type a description of the problem task category.
    6. Clear the Active check box if you do not want the new category to appear in the category list.

      Note: If you clear the Active check box, this category cannot be used to create new incident tasks.

    7. Select a workflow for the category. The Workflow tab is displayed.
    8. Click Save.
    Incident Management workflows and user tasks

    Incident Management enables you to categorize and track various types of incidents (such as service unavailability or performance issues and hardware or software failures), and ensures that incidents are resolved within agreed-on service level targets.

    The incident workflow is a sequence of connected steps in the life cycle of an incident. In the workflow, an incident goes through several phases to complete the life cycle.




  • Hello Carlos,

    Yes, this is the default way of doing it, but i need to skip the step number 3. Select a category for the new task. - and open new task with category i determine before. Couldt it be possible?



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