Service Manager BDM Mapping and CI Status (installed/retired/consumed)

SM Example1.JPGSM Example2.JPGHello,

In our HP Tools environment, we have Service Manager 9.40 and UCMDB 10.20 that has a bilateral intergration point to share and update CI's. We just began to leverage the CI Type "Firewalls" and push that information to Service Manager. When I go into SM to verify that all of those CI's integrated successfully, I literally have to go into the configuratin Management--> Search CI's-> CIType "Network Components_-->CI Subtype "Firewall" to view these particular CI's. Unlike all of the other various CI Types that exists within our SM these CI's are not showing a status automatically of "installed" they are just blank. If i do a mass update manually to these CI's we have a condition that an assignment group has to be assigned to that CI in order to update and we would prefer not to have to do that due to other pieces within this puzzle, because all of the other CIs have an assignment group of Auto for our OMi side assignment correlation. If someone could guide me in the correct way that I may need to go in order to fit the need of the business and IT to be able to properly utilize these particular CI Types for Changes and Incident I would greatly appreciate it. I'm almost certain that maybe I'll have to do something with the Mappings, but not certain exactly how to proceed.