How to create a new action for a display option in SM 9.3


i would like to create a action to use with a display option.  When i open the drop down list action in the display option definition form i just have 5 items.  Could you please help me to find how to add an action. 

I would like to create a new button in the IM.update.incident form to close the incident and save it in olny one step.



  • What version of SM are you using and/or is your implementation running on Process Designer? If you are on Process Designer, you may want to think about creating a RuleSet to accomplish what you need. If you are not on Process Designer, look into the States table for the appropriate State (e.g. imIncident.view). You'll notice that the Display Actions are stored there, and that they call Process records. So, if a RuleSet is not an option for you, create a Process record to accomplish your goal, and put a new Display Action in the appropriate State record to call your new Process, and then create a displayoption to call your new Display Action.