SRC Tailoring to use defaults and mandatory conditions

We are in the process of implementing SRC. We currently use the Service Catalog module from within HPSM and use display screen to set some default values based on the $description variable. We also use the format control calculations and validations.

The new SRC does not appear to use these objects at all. I can see that we can set default values on the checkout panels in the new SRC but I'm having trouble setting a value based on the item itself.

For instance, if the $"EWS Decommission Process (Virtual)" I want the Date Needed By to be set to current date 60 days, but if the $"Software Install Request" I want the Date Needed By to be set to current date 5 days.

I also need to make some fields mandatory for some items but not mandatory for others, though I want the display on all items. This was VERY easy to do in the original Service Catalog module using format control and format design.

Is there a way to accomplish these things in the new SRC?