What is system information record ?

a) what contains system info record ?

b) when you will find system info record ?

kindly please answer my questions



  • You can access it from system administration, base system configuration, miscellaneous, system information record.  Or if you type 'info' (without quote) into SM command line field.

    The system information record contains common information that all HP Service Manager applications can use.

    From the company record administrators can do the following.

    Note: The information listed below is presented in the same order within the tabs displayed in this form.

    • Add company contact information
    • Add Web tier and self-service URL information
    • Set general login restrictions
    • Set user lockout conditions
    • Define the operator template to be applied to LDAP users
    • Set user account expiration conditions
    • Enable other applications to integrate with HP Service Manager
    • Define default menu information
    • Set password reset restrictions

    etc etc

    You can get the full list here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/smhelpcenter/smhelp940/codeless/index.html#serversetup/concepts/system_information_record.htm?Highlight=system information