(SM) Support Tip : "Cannot retrieve the resource" error on SM web service connector in CIT

A very common issue in Connect-IT while configuring Service Manager web service connector is that the test connection fails with the following error:

SM web service connector errorSM web service connector error

The step by step troubleshooting that should be checked :

1) First check if the windows client on the Service Manager server itself using the same IP/FQDN can be connected.

2) Secondly check if windows client on the Connect-IT server an be connected using the same IP/FQDN. If there are network issues or DNS resolution issue of the Fully QUalified Domain Name (FQDN) then the windows client on the Connect-It server itself will not connect.

3) If it connects too then use the URL shown in the error above on a browser on CIT server. If the url loads successfully then CIT should connect too.

4) If the URL does not connect then check if in Service Manager - extaccess table if the record of service mentioned exists. In this example "IncidentManagement".

If the wsdl can be connected and there are no network issues between CIT and SM server then the connection should work successfully.