How can we set sessiontimeout fany user which is getting login through wsdl into hpsm

How can we set session timeout for user which is connecting to hpsm through wsdl as tool has been integrated with SM and they are connecting though wsdl.
Or is there any way to set session time out for anyuser whiich is login through one port in load balancing .
PS : load balancing has been done and one port is assigned to wsdl
  • You can set a webservice_sessiontimeout parameter in your sm.ini (and it will then apply to every port) or as a parameter in your sm.cfg to set specific ports to have different session timeouts.  

    Startup parameter: webservices_sessiontimeout
    Startup parameters change the behavior of the HP Service Manager server. You can always set a startup parameter from the server's OS command prompt.


    This parameter defines the number of seconds that the server waits for a WebService API client request before the server assumes that the client session has timed out and closes the connection.

    Valid if set from
    server's OS command prompt
    Initialization file (sm.ini)

    Requires restart of Service Manager server?

    Default value

    Possible values
    Number of seconds

    Example usage
    Command line: sm -httpPort:13080 -webservices_sessiontimeout:30
    Initialization file: webservices_sessiontimeout:30

  • Do check when you define that one port for wsdl only, that you have debugnode parameter in the sm command. debugnode will hide this port from the software load balancer. Some people have a hardware loadbalancer setup for a series of webservices ports. Worth considering if your webservices traffic starts to grow.