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I havent done LDAP integration in long long long time. I followed help documentation as far as possible but not sure why nothing appears to be happening. I enabled ldap stats but I see no activity on user login.

Can someone assist with a short checklist in case I missed something

I want to authenticate only

1) I have completed LDAP mapping server and port from the UI

2) updated sm.ini wind bind user and password and authenticate only.

3) updated operator record with ldap info, LDAP Base Name and LDAP User DN:





  • If using Active Directory ensure sAMAccountName is mapped per the previous post then do the following steps:

    1. Edit the sm.ini

    2. Add the following trace parameter: ldapstats:2

    3 Save the sm.ini

    4. Clear the sm.log

    5. Bounce SM

    6. Login as the user

    7. Check the sm.log and notice there is much more ldap trace info. You should be able to see specific error which indicates why the user failed to login. 

    8. You should upload screenshots of your scldapconfig.g, and scldapfile.g

    9. At this point you should not need to specify the specific LDAP information within the operator record since the user should reside within the target of the LDAP Base directory of the scldapconfig.g.

    Finally, one thing that the ldapstats:2 will show is possibly a referral chase going on. If you've set the path to high then it could be looking for the user in question.

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    I found and followed this guide. My LDAP is now working


    Thanks for the replies


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