How to change a color of Screen based on Value in certain Field

Hi All,


I have a requirement where in if a User entered is VIP User, the color of Screen should change.


Please suggest how can this be achieved.


  • It's not possible, to my knowledge, to change the color of the screen based on a condition.  You can create a label of a certain color and then use the Visibility condition to appear when the User is a VIP.

  • I found some old notes that mentioned that this could be done. I think examples can be found in the dep.g. This is for DVD and it may not work in all areas.

    Field Value Matching:

    Basic Syntax: [FIELD] ? ValueList : DisplayList
    Where [FIELD] is any variable or file field surrounded by brackets
    ValueList and DisplayList are comma-separated values.

    For example, if you wanted the color of the ‘priority’ label within problem management to change based on the severity of a problem ticket you could place the following in the ForeColor Condition for the priority label object:


    • priority.code is the field that you are basing the color change on.

    • ”4”,"3","2","1" is the list of values that priority.code could be equal to

    • 1,7,2,0 is the list of codes defining the colors that you want the label to change to based on the list of values for priority.code

    In the case above, the text for the ‘priority’ label would change to red for a priority 1 ticket, yellow for a priority 2 ticket, green for a priority 3 ticket, and black for a priority 4 ticket. Adding another number to the end of the DisplayList would create a default color if the priority.code has some other value than any listed in the ValueList.

    Some of the color to number relations are as follows:
    0: BLACK
    1: RED
    2: GREEN
    3: DARK BLUE
    4: GREY
    6: DARK GREY
    7: YELLOW
    8: CYAN
    9: MAGENTA
    10: WHITE
    11: DARK GREEN
    12: BLUE
    13: PURPLE
    14: TEAL
    15: BRICK

    This type of conditional statement allows you to call a function that is evaluated dynamically. An example of this functionality can be seen in a canned system on the apm.quick format. Depending on the category chosen the values in the subcategory drop-down change dynamically.