How to send an ALert notification to a Group and an Individual simultaneously

Hi Experts,


I have a requirements to send an Alert Notification to a Group and Individual simultaneously. I am not able to configure the Notification record which will meet this requirement. Can some one please help me with this requirement




  • When I used Notification records and had to send the same email to 2 different sets of people I always created 2 lines in the Notifcation record.  It just seemed to work better that way. 

    So for example if I wanted to send a notification to the ASsignment group and to the assignee for condition X, then I would write a line in the notification definition defining x and setting the Recipient field to assignment in $L.file to send to the assignment group.

    Then I would make another line that looked exactly the same except the Recipient would be in $L.file to send to  the assignee.

    There may be a more elegant way but this always worked for me