How to read and process the body of an email message

Dear folks,

We've been using the email fetching connector to process email message in which a single user id is included in the subject line and we then parse it to obtain the id and use the 'deleteoperator' request in Service Manager to delete that user. 

But now the process has been updated and we now receive a list of users like these on the email body:



So what I need to do now is to update the scenario to read the email body instead of the subject line and for every user it finds to delete it using the 'deleteoperator' request.  I've been looking in the forum and can't fine any reference to anyone doing this, although I'm pretty sure that it involve using a .dtd file. 

The sample scenarios included with connect-it are not really helpful, so I would appreciate any idea that you can contribute to help me archieve this task.

Best regards,