"This record has been modified since you loaded it. HP Service Manager has loaded the latest record"

Hello experts,

I know this is a "classic oldie" and it has something to do with processes running in the background (in our case, probably related to the Release Control application) but it is really becoming a nuisance in our non-production environment specifically.  I'm currently testing a new Change Management workflow in our QA environment (which is the closests to our production system) and this message appears constantly.

I can deal with it, but the users that are going to be testing this are really going to complain about it.   Any way that I can minimize this issue?  I'm enclosing a trace I just generated while testing the process I referred to above and the last two instances of this message are in line 35246 and 28800.

Thanks in advance,


PS: Okay, this is weird.  I was unable to attach the trace!  I got a message that says that I can only attach jpg, gif and png files. How come?  How do I share a trace then?