Allow Operator to search for specifc Service incidents

Hi All,

 I have a business need to make an operator search only for specific Service in incident module and update incident.




Mohamed Shahboub


  • Hi Mohamed,


    You can play around with the security roles settings to find a way to achieve your business needs.



  • There are several ways to meet the need. I would suggest you to use security group:

    Basicly, you need to set the operator in a security group:

    Add an operator to a security group|Application%20Setup|Adding%20users|Operator%20records|_____3

    And then set the restricting query for the security group, to make sure the operators in this group can view only the records meet the query:

    Add a restricting query to a security group|System%20Security|Mandanten%20file%20security|_____1

    And then HPESM will append the query you defined when user query the records.

    Hope it helps,

    Ling-Yan from HPE