Reopen option not availale for incidents--SM 9.40

Hi Experts,

I am not able to find the Reopen option when I check the more option of Closed Incidents.

From the DO option I could see the below OOB Condition

evaluate(reopen in $ and status in $L.filed={"closed", "pending callback", "resolved"} and nullsub($, "notresolved")~="resolved" and nullsub($G.ess, false)=false

I am not sure if I need to change any thing here. I tried by putting the User Condition as True but tht didn't worked.

Any Suggestions




  • Also I stumbled upon this matter. "Reopen" is removed from the Process Designeer functionality, at least what comes to Incident Management.

    Dear colleagues, have you restored the "Reopen" functionality by your own code or have you altered your Incident Management process instead?

  • Hi - there is allready a reopen ruleset in HPESM - So all you need is to add an trasisition and then apply the ruleset to this transisition. The transisiion in my case was set back to the Invetsigation phase. 

    Also take a look at the ruleset and make sure it cotains what you need. 

    BRI Ivis. 

  • Maybe there's some difference between versions? I checked OOB HPE SM 9.41 and there's no rule called "".

    I forgot to mention that I referred to version SM 9.41. Also HPE support confirmed that "reopen" functionality has been removed, but an enhancement request has been opened (already 2013) to get it back.

  • It calls the im.reopen process. Do you have that? 


  • Yes, I do have. It seems to be an old pre-PD process. I'm not comfortable using it - it could be that it works now (PD and non-PD are not that apart, yet), but I'm not willing to take risk what might happen in future to SLA calculations (for example). I've a gut feeling that difficulties keeping SLA calculations in order is a one reason why HPE dropped "reopen" from PD processes.

    But thanks for pointing that old process out, it might help somebody else who is looking for a "legacy" solution.

    I'll go with a "Clone" option. Got to mask it as a Reopen (copy previous Action updates, for example) and move forward.