HP Service Manager - Apache 2.4 - SSO issue with Oracle Access Manager

After successful authentication from Oracle Access Manager, the HP Service Manager credentials page is prompted whereas it should have taken the header/cookies and authenticated the user. The user with whom I am trying to login is both present in Active directory (store for OAM) and HP Service Manager database (which is it's user store).

All the configurations are done correctly and verified. Is it something that we are missing on? Some extra configuration like plugins and all to be configured at HPSM side?

Also, what is the header name that HP service manager accepts for SSO for authenticating user?

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    Did u already configured sso for HPE SM, if required you can below link for detailed steps


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  • Hi vish99super3d,

    there is a class file thats needs to be genarted by name preauthenticationfilter.class file, which is resposnible for carrying the user values in the header.

    the above mentioned class file is usually created at  Oracle Access Manager , wherein the webgate component is installed.

    In HP Knowledge base document of "setting up Third party SSO", the sample preauthenticationfilter.class has been mentioned, It will give enough idea in order how to create it.