SM-UCMDB. Automatic Deletion of CI Relationships from UCMDB

Hi there!
I have a question on SM-UCMDB integration.
I use the ServiceManagerEnhancedAdapter9.41, SM 9.64, UCMDB 2019.02.
I set up the population job for CI and relationship. New relationships which was created in SM populated in UCMDB. This works fine. But relationships which was deleted in SM not delete from UCMDB.
I was able to configure the deletion during full synchronization, as was described in the official documentation for SM 9.64 (
Its works fine with full syncronisation, but when i start the delta synchronization then relationships not deleted from UCMDB.
I looked at sm.log and saw REST request which get deleted relationships from SM and it return response with deleted relationship records. But in UCMDB this relationships are not deleted at the same time.
My question is: Is it possible to configure the delete of relationsips in UCMDB that were deleted in SM through the Population Job and delta synchronization?
Someone already set up this and does it work for you?