Logical Name Solution - Popup for a field which is marked as referenced table field

Hello Experts
Our Enivronment:
RTE SM 9.41.3016 P3
Application: SM 9.41 codeless
OS Windows 2008 R2
UCMDB Enhancement 9:30.0
Webtier : 9.41.3016 P3
based on MS SQL

we have upgraded sm from 9.34 to 9.41

before we upgraded to SM 9.41 we have a popup form for a customized field rit.product.name
the screens shows information about the related record in the table bizservice.
This solution was based on this linkline:
Field (From /Source): rit.product.name
File (To/Target): bizservice
Field (To/Target): logical.name
in the cm3r link record.

Now with the new logical name solution the popup form is empty.

Any ideas are helpful

regards Robert

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  • Hello,

    you are right. In the cm3r record we store the value 'CI0000749168' in the field affected.item (& and a similiar value in the rit.product.name field).

    In the bizservice table we store the value '686 UNIQA-Neugeschäft unknown SR PreAuth' in the field logical.name.

    ['CI0000749168'=686 UNIQA-Neugeschäft unknown SR PreAuth], this will not match.

    How should we change the extacess record object.name='ucmdbBusinessService'? that the system will store the same value

    in the logical.name in the tables bizservice and device?

    regards Robert

  • Verified Answer

    Hello Robert,

    I think you found a defect introduced in SM 9.41 by the new logical name feature to allow SM to handle multiple Cis with the same logical.name.

    It seems that nothing was modified to make bizservice table nor other attribute tables to match the current data in device.

    I suggest to please submit a support ticket so we can submit a request to our development team to fix this issue and also research for the appropriate workaround until fix it delivered.