Logical Name Solution - Popup for a field which is marked as referenced table field

Hello Experts
Our Enivronment:
RTE SM 9.41.3016 P3
Application: SM 9.41 codeless
OS Windows 2008 R2
UCMDB Enhancement 9:30.0
Webtier : 9.41.3016 P3
based on MS SQL

we have upgraded sm from 9.34 to 9.41

before we upgraded to SM 9.41 we have a popup form for a customized field rit.product.name
the screens shows information about the related record in the table bizservice.
This solution was based on this linkline:
Field (From /Source): rit.product.name
File (To/Target): bizservice
Field (To/Target): logical.name
in the cm3r link record.

Now with the new logical name solution the popup form is empty.

Any ideas are helpful

regards Robert