Problem with option condition on Display screen

Hi everybody,

         ¿How are you? I'm writting this post because we are having a problem with an condition on a display screen in Service Manager 9.40.

Firstly, we need to create a button "Take incident", function of this button is assing to the íncident the operator who clicks on it only if the name of the operator logged on HP ITSM is a member on the "assign group" on the incident.

We have this condition but it don't work:

( in $L.file=NULL or in $L.file="") and (assignment in $L.file) isin $ and (problem.status in $L.file~="Cerrado" and problem.status in $L.file~="Closed")


I think it is don't working because the condition is wrong, i don't know if i can use "isin" or if $ isn't the users who are members of the assignment group. This condition was working on a HP ITSM 9.21.


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P.D. Sorry for my bad english.



  • I'm not sure what part is not working. If I build a display option with the same condition (using assignment in $Lfile isin $, the option displays in the toolbar only when I am a member of the selected assignment group. If you've replaced the assignment fill with a combo box, the screen does not refresh at reassignment, so the display option will not display. But using a Fill, it does appear to work as expected. 

    Could you add a screen capture of the display option, and also provide more detail on the problem? 

  • Hi

    You can use the RAD debugger to find out whether the condition written is correct or not.


    (assignment in $L.file) isin $ and if you are getting "true" that menas the condition is fine.


    You can verify in this way.include your self in the assignment group. 



    Jagabandhu Padhy