Service Catalog - Category - displayName issue

So we are trying to update the form svcCatalog.vj.list (this is a subform from svcCatalog.category).

I have added 'displayName' as a field to the table, but it is not updating the displayName from the svcDisplay records. This appears to be a link file issue; I have updated the link record from svcCatalog to joinsvcDisplay. I can still assign any value from svcCatalog (which is considerably larger than svcDisplay), but I cannot bring over the one value that does not exist in svcCatalog (displayName).

I can only assume I am missing a link record somewhere, but I have been over all the ones I can determine would be driving this (joinsvcDisplay, svcDisplay, svcCatalog) and I haven't been able to figure out where this is falling off the wagon.

We are on version 9.35

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Probably it's due to svcCatalog update mechanism. There seem to be triggers, that call files in Script Library files, like:


    when update is made. I didn't dig deeper, but maybe the solution lies checking those files. There were some hard coded field names being copied from A to B, so maybe that's a reason why you can't make it work.

    Anyway, can I suggest a method not relying on copying? An example: We did find assignment table relying solely on usernames annoying, so we added (for example) a location variable ($location) to table widget that lists assignment members:

    In format control, a following calculation was added to the Calculations tab - "Display" is set to true, so the calculation is run every assignment is checked by the user.

    $contact.init.flag=rtecall("rinit", $contact.init.rc, $, "contacts");for $i = 1 to $lngoper do ($the.query="\"" $i in operators in $file "\"";$"select", $, $, $the.query);if ($ then ($location=insert($location, $i, 1, location in $

    It's basically an array, that's populated by a "do" loop. It contains the user's locations in a same order they are presented in a table. Can't be 100% sure this works in your case, though.

    I hope you can use a similar "live" approach to fetch DisplayName from svcCatalog without copying it to from table to another.