Customize Service Manager 9.4 "Username" label on Login Page

Hi All,


I would like to know, how can we customize the label "Username" present on OOB Service Manager 9.4. By default label on User Name text in greyed out style is "Username". Instead I would like to display it as "Email". Please find the attachmet for reference picture. Please share the solution if any one already known this how to change\customize Service Manager 9.4 login page.




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    Hi All,


    I was able to achieve the requirement by modifying the following the line in smlogin.jsp file. By default due to following line we use to see the string\label "Username" on SM login page.

    <div class="placeholder"><%=loginBundle.getString("Login.Form.Username.Label")%></div>

    by modifying the above line to my need as follows, met the requirement.


    <div class="placeholder">Email Id</div>


    With above simple modification i was could see now the login page reflecting with string 'Email Id' instead of 'Username'.