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I have a user selection in cart catalog item. The selected user value is not getting stored in the interaction field "svc.options". i want the first level approval to be done on the interaction ticket based on the  user selected option, after approval change ticket should be created.


I need the user selection value saved in a field, so that i can use that for writting condition in approval def.


How do i save the user selection into a new field in interaction or into svc.options field in interaction?

  • Hello,

    I am not sure that it is possible at least due to the fact that there might be several items in the cart with different user options in them.



    Though  ahve you looked at that from a bit other persperctive. From what you have configured on the Interaction level you have a link to the cart , but based on the further process each items will be fullfilled with a separate change record or request.


    This is the point where you can pass the parameters. 


    Passing of the parameters is made based on Catalog connector configuration (on the second tab). Check for OOB field passing and add your svc.options mapping.



  • HI,


    svc.options is an xml data. You can write a custom js or search any existing js which can take this xml value from svc.options and the it can parse these values and hold it in a variable.


    Then in the concerned format control you can call this js and store the value of that variable in a field.

    Later the field value can be used for approvals, reporting etc... as per need.





  • There is a library which parses that xml code, but still as I said above - based on Interaction it is relation to the cart and not to the item.

    I don't understand how d oyou graphically imagine  display of all parameters for the cart elements on the Interaction.

  • In author's case I'd prefer creating a new table (svcCartItemOptions?) for cart item options. It should contain at least following columns: cart ID, interaction ID, item option name and item option value. 


    Logic is that every time a new service catalog request and cart item is created, JS adds the cart item option values to that table. It's probably easier to do later searches and virtual joins to a table than to play with XML over and over again. (I assume those values won't be changed later, just for simplicity sake.)


    I'm considering that table based approach by myself, if there's for some reason need for a better reporting. Let's say - a manager would like to know are cordless mouses more preferred to mouses with cord. As you can imagine, navigating through the cart items and XML options would be a tedious task. Yes, it takes more time to create but in my view, it's a more robust solution.

  • dear community,

    since it's possible to display user options on the created request from the interaction (interaction created from the service catalog), i need to be able to display user options on the interaction itself before proceeding to the global approval.

    please provide me the steps needed to do it, thank you

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