How to get priority invoking RetrieveIncidentListRequest

Hi all,


I´ve a problem invoking RetrieveIncidentListRequest the response not contain priority only Urgency and Impact. I guess that priority is calculated from those  and I´ve seen it usually calculate as urgency impact /2 but it doesn´t match with priority value for a ticket.


This is the xml:

var xml = "<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=\"\" xmlns:ns=\"\" "
"xmlns:com=\"\" xmlns:xm=\"\"> <soapenv:Header/>"
"<soapenv:Body> <ns:RetrieveIncidentListRequest attachmentData=\"false\" attachmentInfo=\"false\" ignoreEmptyElements=\"false\" updatecounter=\"false\">"
"<ns:model><ns:keys query='((assignment=&quot;mygroup&quot;) and (status=&quot;Assigned&quot; or Status=&quot;Pending Customer&quot; or Status=&quot;Work in Progress&quot;))' /></ns:model> <ns:instance />"

Anyone can hep me ?