HP SM 9.40: Task Planner is not creating automatic request task based on a request model


I'm trying to create a request fulfillment workflow that when I first save the request record, a task from the task planner is created based on my request model. At this moment, I need to click the "Save" button twice on the first phase to make the request task spawn. The task is not been created at the first "Save".

Do you have an example of Rule Set that I can use or what I need to do in the Request Fulfillment workflow to have this task created as soon as I first save the request record?



  • Hello Marcelo , you should validate all workflows of models request, that generate automated tasks , and validate that the object properties the following rules are:

    After successful enter


    On exit




    After successful update


    when you configure the requirements are automaticamnete creates task by updating.