Reminder notifications



We are using HPSM 9.3


Analysts are able to right click on tickets and set reminders and can choose In Client Message or Email.  I found the form under us.reminder.g.  When they choose to have the reminder sent as an email its unreadable and I would like to work on the formatting.  I have been unable to locate the cooresponding noticiation record.  Can someone help me with what message/class I should be looking for? Or am I looking in the wrong place entirely?

  • I don't think any notification record will be created for this mostly a schduler record will be created for this and later on a mail will trigger to the person.can you paste the format how you are getting the mail.




    Jagabandhu Padhy

  • Here is the format it comes in:


    Filter By Activit10/06/15 08:08:14 mcfa35608 Open - Linked

    Update: By:Action DatAt:

    Opened:ent McFarlane, Ch10/06/15 08:0

    Last UpdatedMcFarlane, Ch10/06/15 08:0



    Service Recipient bee0 atimes.d




    Notify By: E-mailEric.Miller@

    Current PC Name:PK16K5A Location:





    Incident Detail



    Sub-area: Closure Code:

    Impact: Solution:

    Urgency: Solution Details:



    TPM reset


    User is requesting TPM reset on

    10/14/2015 9am MT


    Computer Name: XXXXXX


  • Hey,


    Seems like the schedule calls us.process.reminder

    looking at the build.message step, it has a section: nullsub(format in $L.file, "IM.Browse")

    So, probably it's using the format that you have for displaying the IM or it's using the default Browse format.


    Given the nullsub, perhaps you could tell it to use a custom format?

    The button (oob) "apm.edit.problem_do nothing" is the button that the agent clicks, perhaps you could experiment with a pre rad that sets format in $L.filed = "custom format"?


    Just some ideas, hope they help :)